thermal pot recipe

starting this topic for I just bought a tiny thermal pot (1.8l and only $19 at singsong) on top of my existing 4l thermal pot and found the tiny ones more useful.

my experiment:-

“Claypot” rice

  1. use the termal pot to stir-fry rice, chinese sausage and i add ikan bilis, 2. add oyster sauce, dark soya sauce, seasame oil, pepper and 2 inch more water
  2. bring to boil and put in the thermal pot and u can come home to a nice claypot rice dinner… ( when no time, i skip first step and just dump everything in for a boil and proceed to step 3)

curry chicken
stir fry the ingredient and do per normal but add much less water, when it come to a boil, and place in termal pot. save time and energy

green bean soup/ sweet potato soup in ginger
thermal pot is very good for both. cook per normal but the soup will be more “cheng” for the green bean soup. you have the muddy look you gotta stir hard after that.

ikan billis porridge
put rice, water, ikan billis, pork ribs and salt and bring to a boil, then transfer to thermal pot

chicken stock
this you gotta use the bigger thermal pot add chicken and water and salt to taste and let the pot work the magic

Not sure what to try next, so pls share ur time saving recipe…[/