Think of a letter....

Think of a letter between
A and W…

Repeat it
out loud as
you scroll down…

Keep going . . .
Don’t stop . . .

Think of an
that begins
with that letter…

Repeat it
out loud
as you
scroll down…

Think of
either a man’s/woman’s
with the
last letter
in the
animal’s name…


count out
the letters
in that name
on the fingers
of the hand
you are not
using to
scroll down…

Take the
hand you
counted with
and hold it out
in front of you
at face level…

Look at your
very closely

Do the lines
take the
form of the
first letter
in the
person’s name?

… Of course not…

Now smack
yourself in the head, get a life,
quit playing
e-mail games!

I enjoyed your game…lol!
Dainty Dish

How do I start a new thread?

Dah for me. :slight_smile:

silversolara -

It is very easy to start a new thread!

Go the the forum you want your post in (ex. Recipe Exchange, Chat, Desserts, etc.) and click on the name of the forum to enter it - not the name of the last post! (clicking on the last post and then placing an answer will make it show up on the last post as a reply)

Click on NEW THREAD (upper right) and you’re on your way!!

If you need anymore hlep - just give a holler!

Kitchen Witch

Thanks . . . I see it now. I honestly didn’t see that.

I might have been on the wrong screen or section.


Another question . . . after I made a reply, I don’t see the new thread choice.

Dah . . . help. :slight_smile:

Hello -

Once you have made a post and after you click SUBMIT REPLY** you are automatically shown the post you have just made.

NEW REPLY will show you as replying to your own thread.

You need to click on the FORUM NAME (ex. Recipe Exchange, Chat, etc.) to start a new thread. You will see NEW THREAD (upper left). It’s an extra step.

**Should you need to make a correction to your post - EDIT - make your changes - click on SAVE CHANGES. You don’t really need to state why you are making changes - that part is confusing.

I hope this helps - and like I said before - don’t be afraid to ask!

Kitchen Witch

Thanks again.

Hopefully I have it now.


Go Steelers!!