this will not stop -

this storm is not going to stop - the snow is piling up too fast - the winds won’t stop howling - causing the snow to “fall” from left to right - west to east - because of Lake Erie

schools and businesses are closed, roads are closed, highways are closed, accidents galore, and we’ve made the national news - everyone is in town to report on our snow and this looks just like the Blizzard of '77 all over again - I’m too old for it now - grrrr

yesterday our power went out 22 times - then I quit counting - I got bored with counting while I was freezing

today I whipped up a can of tuna - I buy them at the “barns” and I get a can of tuna that weighs 4 lbs. 2.5 oz. for $7.65 versus paying a dollar or more a can for 5.5 oz. of tiny bits of nothing - at least in these big cans I get big chunks of tuna that I need to break up - so much better than the little cans

I know WalMart sells the big cans for $9 - 10 each - and if you have a tuna loving family - you may want to try it some time

I mixed the tuna with onions, celery, chopped pickle and mayo - great for sandwiches for using as a spread with crackers if the power goes out again

I made a quick meal of vermicelli with a can of diced tomatoes, olive oil and marinated artichoke hearts - quick and easy - yet a tummy filler

now to wait to go outside to shovel - haven’t been able to get out there since about 6 this morning and it’s going to be h e l l to shovelwhen I can get out there - can’t see your hand in front of your face - and it’s bitter cold

and I pray the power stays on -

it will all be over by Saturday - supposedly