Thursdays in an Italian home

In our family, it was pasta every Thursday and Sunday (as well as holidays and also occasionally on Fridays!) I love my pasta - I could eat it every day. (Even on Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas we still had ravioli, lasagna and “rags” along with the turkey, ham or roast beef and all the trimmings!)

Since tomorrow is Thursday I will continue with the family tradition -

Skillet fried homeade Italian sausage cut into chunks using a bit of olive oil and of course - fresh garlic and fresh parsley.

While that is frying up I will boil my water for pasta…penne pasta for tomorrow…cooked al dente.

Cooked sausage chunks will be transferred to the pasta platter; penne will return to pot after it is drained with olive oil, julienned sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil (and of course a good drizzle of the oil from the jar) and marinated artichokes, drained…heat through. Transfer to pasta platter and mix well with sausage.

Served with a large green salad - romaine, red onion, romas, pepperoncini, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, cracked black pepper, basil and sprinkled with Reggiano…and I won’t forget the crusty Italian bread (unsliced of course so we can “break” it!)

For dessert - chocolate chip ice cream spooned into homemade pizzelles shaped into ice cream cone shapes and of course - just plain pizzelles for tea and coffee. I’ll probably make chocolate ones too and roll a few into cone shapes as well.