Tips for an Allergy-Free Party

Tips for an Allergy-Free Party

Don’t let your food allergies put a damper on your party plans. Next time you attend a family get-together or a dinner party with friends, take a few precautions:

Inform family members and friends of special diet restrictions so that there will be plenty of “safe” food to eat at get-togethers.
Prepare allergen-free snacks and meals in advance. Freeze or store as much food as possible so that busy work and school schedules don’t erode your safe (and healthy!) eating habits.

Eating in restaurants requires special planning. Take time to check menus before you eat out. Call the hostess or manager to get help you identify which menu items are safe for you to eat.

Offer to bring allergen-free dishes that complement meals hosted by friends or relatives to make sure that everyone enjoys these special events.

Just to be safe, pack an epinephrine injection kit when you go to parties. No matter the occasion, this simple step can give you an invaluable gift — peace of mind.

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