A delicious dessert. I admit I have not tasted Tiramisu in Italy. I have done it in several countries. They were different but, most of them delicious. You can find Tiramisu turned into cakes or even ice cream. Again, I will show you how to make my Tiramisu. Remember, there are many ways of cooking something. Discover yours.


8 oz mascarpone cheese (or regular cream cheese)
3 oz ladyfingers
Some espresso coffee
2 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Tiramisu should be done with mascarpone cheese but if you cannot find it, regular cream cheese will do, although it will not be same, of course.
First, we will take the eggs and separate the white from the yolk. Then, in a bowl we will mix cheese, sugar and yolks. It has to be really creamy. In another bowl we will beat the whites till they are stiff. We will mix then these two bowls. But it is important to try to get a fluffy mixture, so do not mix too much. We will have some coffee ready. I prefer some really strong espresso coffee. Then we will start layering the Tiramisu. We will use a container in which we will put a layer of ladyfingers. Then we will wet the ladyfingers with some coffee. And now a layer of the mixture. Then more ladyfingers and more coffee. Cover with another layer of mixture and finally sprinkle with the cocoa powder. Cover the container and put it in the fridge. It is better to let it cool and it tastes better if you eat your Tiramisu the following day.
There is a “but” though. Raw eggs. You have to bear in mind that using raw eggs has a risk. You can use pasteurized eggs if you want. But I am sure of something, you will love Tiramisu. And you can also put some liquor in the coffee. Some rum or whisky, for example. That will give a different touch to your Tiramisu. I also put some chocolate chips along with the cocoa powder. Enjoy.

This sounds like a nice start to this recipe! But the marscapone on its own has got to be a bit too thick, I’d think. And I can’t have tiramisu without rum! I make an eggless tiramisu, but the cheese mixture has powdered sugar, rum, and whipped cream in it. Otherwise, it’s pretty similar!

It will not be too thick, trust me. I tried this recipe (a bit different from the one I’m used to). What makes the mascarpone not too thick is the fact that you mix it with yolks first and then with egg whites, it gives it the perfect texture!!!

I like to add some alcohol into the mix from time to time:
1 to 2 tablespoons of Brandy into the dipping mix
Kahlua works too
Irish Creme or a Caramel Creme into the Mascarpone too.

I really love Tiramisu. One of my faves. Yeah, I too use cream cheese because mascarpone cheese is really hard to find here in our place.