To ALL newbies here:

From me, ‘Almonds’…and I’m sure from everyone else on this fantastic site…HELLO and WELCOME.

It is a busy time of the year & outside is always calling, our great weather in Wisconsin is limited so, when possible, we’re outdoors as often as possible.

Please, all newbies, keep posting & telling everyone here about yourself, your recipes, requests, or just everything…really not ignoring you but sure glad you’re here!!!

Hello, all. This is my first post so forgive any faux pas. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

I am from OK and just found this site. I am already such a fan and have found many helpful insights! I love to cook and unfortunately I love to eat what I cook, but it makes me a favorite with the family!!! hahahha, thank you for your recipes and I myself have a few family favorites, plagiarized of course, that will be posted on here. I also have one that if used correctly can get you a 90% return on another date and usually leads to marriage proposals…use it wisely! hahahha

Hi all! Chicago here. It’s my 1st post even tho enjoy site so much, have it sent directly to cell so I don’t miss any recipes! Also enjoy most of the recipes! Keep 'em comin! :slight_smile:

Hello msjackie from Chicago, I’m Almonds, your neighbor to the north. Glad you’re here…

Just watch our Packers take out The Bears…again…this year!