To all RSN members -

You all know me by now - and you know I enjoy sharing so much. With all that I have posted, I still have much more to share.

You also know that I am a member of Ron’s sister site - which is a very unique site -


Ron has another recipe site - different from RSN and SMR. Everyone there is very friendly and there are sooooo many recipes. The site is still new - and the recipes are posted all day by the members. There the recipes are categorized, we have blogs, groups (and not just groups for foodaholics!), polls, pictures - you name it.

You know dang well I would have a blog and a group! Well - for all the members and friends that I have made here on RSN - I have a “special for you”.

To the members of RSN - I extend this invitation -

I am inviting you all to join my group - KitchenWitchCooks. for the members from RSN that join my group I will email you a mini-cookbook of many recipes (which I am presently working on) with no strings attached. All I ask is for you to join my group. and hopefully you will also visit my blog “Kitchen Witch’s Kitchen”.

Go to:

Both my group and my blog are still a “work in progress” as I am calling them - but I have much posted and I am adding more each day. You can also post - you are welcomed to.

Here is a list of some of my topics:
Babies cooking - fun with my ?grandchildren? - I am an ?adopted? gram and here I will share our favorite recipes
Back to basics - pan sizes, food yields - you name it! Very informational
Bastardize It! - using mixes for cooking and baking with recipes
Beef - cuts of beef, cooking tips and many notes
Breads, Biscuits, Quick Breads, Muffins - anything from yeast breads to quick breads, biscuits, rolls, homemade tortillas and flat breads, muffins - you name it and recipes
Brines, marinades and rubs - directions and recipes
Cabbage - different types - recipes included
Cakes - all about different types of cakes, cheesecakes and coffee cakes with many recipes including frostings and icings
My Cauldron - a collection of recipes from family and friends handed down for generations
Cheese - all about different cheeses and a cheese dictionary
Church Suppers - some of best shared here from various Church suppers
Cookies and brownies - all about baking, storing, decorating - including many recipes
Cookie Exchange - all those Holiday cookie and candy recipes - many recipes for the holidays which do not include the cookie recipes from the Cookie forum
Cooking for the Busy Home - anything from cooking once a month to cooking ahead
Corn - all about corn - recipes included
Cornmeal and Polenta - more hints and tips including recipes
Crockpot and slow cooker cooking, hints and tips and recipes
Cured Meats - bacon, ham sausage, etc.
Dairy and Egg - homemade dairy recipes, egg information and recipes
Deep Frying - everything you wanted to know including recipes
Depression Era - notes and clips from the Great Depression including many home remedies and recipes
Extracts and Flavorings - info and substitutions
Fish & Seafood - how to clean, etc.
Flours and Grains - basic info, nice to know
Foodies - FYI about different foods and terminology
Four Ingredient Recipes
Fruits - various fruits and recipes
Game - game, wild game, substitutions
Gift Jar Recipes - great gift ideas! Includes ideas for gift baskets!
Gravies and Roux - how to?s for the perfect gravy or roux with recipes
Herbs & Spices - herb & spice dictionary, tips, mixes and blends, substitutions
High Tea - anyone ever have a Tea Party? Great recipes!
Hillbilly Cookin, - great reading and recipes as well
Hints, Tips and Substitutions - for just about anything
Holiday Cooking & Baking - for the holidays that are fast approaching - meal ideas, sides, desserts, etc.
How To?s - feel free to ask anything!
Icy cold! - ice creams, frozen desserts, etc.
Jello, puddings, custards, etc. with recipes
Lamb - info on cuts, etc.
Luncheonette and Snack Bar recipes - sandwiches and sides as well
Nostalgia - all those old recipes and American diner recipes
Nuts about nuts - info on different nuts with recipes for using them
Old Country recipes - shared by friends whose families came from other countries
Olives and pickles - more info and recipes
Onions - all about onions and scallions and recipes
Pancakes, Waffles and French Toast - info and recipes on all as well as syrups and toppings
Pasta, noodles and rice - different types
Pies - all about pies and pie baking - many pie recipes
Pork - info on cuts, etc.
Potatoes - potatoes, sweet potatoes and yam info and recipes
Pots, pans, etc. - including oven cleaning, care, chemicals, dishes, knives and sharpening, etc.
Poultry - info on types, food handling, etc.
Red Hen - food preservation - drying, pickling, canning, freezing, etc.
Sauces, salsas, pestos, etc. with recipes
Squash and pumpkins - different types including winter and summer squash and recipes
Sugar and sweeteners - including honey, molasses and substitutions
Three Ingredient Recipes
Tomatoes - including tomato puree, tomato sauce and tomato paste and recipes
Turkey Talk - great info for your holiday
Vegetables - all those not listed above with recipes

More topics will be added and I have much more to add to the existing topics.

I hope to see you there - and remember - the mini-cookbook (which right now has close to 100 recipes and I am not done -) is yours!

Kitchen Witch

I’ve added more recipes - stop by and take a look! Remember - join and get a free e-cookbook with many T & T recipes, etc.