To peel or not to peel --zucchini bread

This probably just a matter of choice, but I have searched every recipe I can find for zucchini bread and no where does is say to peel the zucchini. They call for grated, but do you also grate the skin and use it, or do you peel and use just the meat of the vegetable ? I am guessing for a more nutritious bread that you probably leave the skin on since that is where most of the vitamins and nutrients are. But what about taste ? Would the skin make it bitter ? and need to use more sugar to cover that up ? I had the bread a long time ago and it was wonderful but since then have moved on and lost touch with the person who made it.

Good Morning ibcheft,

No you do not have to peel a zucchini squash but if it is really old and tough I do peel them as they are bitter. Hope that this helps.

Have a wonderful holiday!!!


Well - like you say, ti may be a little bitter, but it’s in the bread, so I don’t think it’ll matter much.

On the upside, the zucchini-peel has a lot of fibers in it, which makes your bread healthier :slight_smile: