Today is the Feast of Seven Fishes

Carrying on the family tradition for generations - today is The Feast of Seven Fishes (from the Napolitan side of the family - some families do 9, 10, 12 or 13 different types of fish) so it’s a no meat day - each meal will be fish/vegetable based.

It will be a small gathering this year - so the menu will be simple -

Anchovy brushetta
Fish croquettes
Fish salad (veggie style)
Shrimp salad (pasta style)
Pasta in tuna sauce
Stuffed and breaded fish fillets with roasted potatoes
Tuna fingers

Of course, the breads and desserts…

The type of meal where you take small portions of everything or you’ll bust!

This is a Catholic Church/Italian tradition that started back in medieval times - another meatless holiday.