tomorrow I better not get any complaints!

No meat Friday and I am not making breaded or battered fish! I am going on strike for the day.

Macaroni salad: spiral macaroni, chopped celery, chopped sweet pickle, chipped carrot, minced onion, hard-cooked eggs, tuna fish, miracle whip; paprika on top.

Stuffed eggs: hard-cooked eggs, miracle whip, chopped sweet pickle, minced onion; paprika on top.

Tuna salad hoagies: toasted hoagie rolls, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese - tuna fish, chopped sweet pickle, minced onion, miracle whip.

Any complaints - I will stuff celery with tuna and serve it for dessert!

And if they complain about that - Saturday I will make a Tuna Noodle Casserole! And I will serve it with tomatoes stuffed with tuna fish!

well, at least you can say you are eating healthy.

yuo are determined! and let me say that i have never eat anything meat or fish on fridays, something to do with the habit that my mom has been giving us since we were kids

but your plan sounds me ideas to plan my own meals like that too

Best of all - IT WORKS! Eat it - or do it yourself and clean the mess!! Works everytime! The kitchen HAS to be cleaned to my specifications - OR ELSE.

Maybe that is where the “Witch” comes in my name! LOL

I bet my children would love for us to trade names. LOL I here that name mumbled under their breathes occasionally. I can not wait for them to have their own families and do the same things. My husband and I adopted a 14 and a 17 year old and it has def. been an adjustment getting them used to clenaing up after themselves.

That’s a tough age to try to teach!!!

But keep after them - someday they will appreciate it - maybe not until they go through it with their own children - but they will appreciate it!!

I was raised in a strict household and it just comes natural for me. In all honesty - I am a push-over - but I can play the toughie roll good enough that they obey! And everyone knows there are huge rewards when they listen and learn!!