Triomphe Braised Short Ribs

No way!!! 1 C. salt? No way!!! How many ribs? 2 pieces? Whoever did the writing on this one needs to be fired!!! The grammar is not “cookbook” grammar. The directions should have been written as if they were for a cookbook, not as in a letter to your cousin!

Also, why not use the more common 2C. instead of 1 pint. NOBODY uses pints and quarts. It’s 2 C. or 4 C.



I’ve done a search both here and on Google Advanced for recipes on this website. I was unable to find any recipe by the name, “Triomphe Braised Short Ribs”. I was also unable to find any rib recipe that used 1 cup of salt or that used the term “pints”.

Mystery solved. This recipe is on Chef Tom’s Blog on this website: The Restaurant Recipe Blog
LINK TO BLOG Triomphe Braised Short Ribs : The Restaurant Recipe Blog

Triomphe Braised Short Ribs

2pc” 2inch by 4inch” boneless short ribs
1 tablespoon salt
To taste black pepper
To taste cayenne pepper
To taste paprika
To taste chili powder
4 ribs celery rough chopped
2 small carrots pealed and rough chopped
1 large onion pealed and rough chopped
2pc garlic pealed and rough chopped
1/2 8oz can tomato paste
1 pint red wine
1/2 pint veal or beef broth
1 qt chicken stock
1/4 bunch fresh thyme about 2tsp
1/4 bunch fresh rosemary about 2tsp
1/4 bunch fresh parsley about 2tsp

Pre heat oven to 325, mix the salt, cayenne, paprika, black pepper and chili powder to create a seasoned salt. Sprinkle some seasoned salt generously over the ribs. Any extra seasoned salt can be stored in a covered container for future use.

In a heavy bottom rondo or Dutch oven pan on medium low heat add a little oil; sear the ribs on all four sides or till golden brown.

Pull out and set aside.

In the same pan add all the vegetables and cook till golden brown about 10 minutes, then add the garlic and continue to cook 5 more minutes.

Then add the tomato paste, and incorporate. Now add the red wine and cook 5 more minutes, then add both stocks, herbs and bring to a boil.

Place the seared ribs back in the pan and put the lid on and cook in the oven until fork tender about 2 hours.

Separate the ribs from the liquid and strain, and use for sauce or gravy.

Serves 4

Source: Good Day New York