Turkey Tips

Turkey Tips

  • Purchase one pound of turkey per person to be served. This formula
    allows for the holiday meal plus a little left over for the prized
    turkey sandwich.

  • Ensure that the packaging is intact and avoid purchasing a bird
    with packaging that has rips or tears.

  • Save on supermarket specials by purchasing more than one turkey.
    A whole frozen turkey may be stored in your freezer for up to 12

  • Select the size of turkey based on number of servings needed. There
    is no appreciable difference between female (hen) and male (tom)
    turkeys in tenderness, white/dark meat ratio or other eating
    qualities. Hens typically weigh between 14 to 16 pounds and toms
    15 pounds on up, so choose the size which best fits the number of
    dinner guests you expect.

  • Select alternative turkey cuts if you are having a small gathering
    for the holiday. Other turkey products that are readily available
    include a turkey breast, tenderloins, cutlets, drumsticks or
    thighs. Or ask your butcher to cut a whole fresh bird in two
    halves, roast one half and freeze the other half for a later

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