turkish foods (Tri-Color Potato Salad )


4 potatoes
A piece of lemon
A little salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 carrot
3 green onions
5 6 sprigs parsley
5 6 sprigs fresh dill
3 pieces of pickled beets
1coffe cup corn
For decorating solid egg, mint, etc.


Potato salad is a wonderful and easy to view. For invitations to the very elegant presentation … Boil potatoes, mash them thoroughly and then add salt, oil, and mix with lemon. Then three ayıırp sauced mashed potatoes, a part of the grated carrot, onion and parsley and some freshly grated beets with a portion of the combine. Put on top of a glass bowl or a cake pan, if possible, the appropriate leave for a night service, let’s turn it over. this recipe at the bottom of the glass bowl, then mix with carrots, beet and parsley, onions dill mixture to corn mixture between that sort and then wait a little refrigerator, reverse translate a flat plate over, the side portions can decorate according to your wishes.

Enjoy it … :slight_smile:


Cool vegy diet. Did you make this own your own?

yes of course thank you for comment :slight_smile:

hi, Im Anye from turkey & just join this forum site to learn about recipes & get this delicious recipe from this post! I like this recipe & will try out soon.

thank you for comment :slight_smile: