how do I get it?:
the typical (to some boring) chinese restaurant flavor??
tried a couple of sauces, oils, spices…
I’d like especially to get the typical chinese-restaurant flavor of chinese noodles,
any suggestions?
Thank you!

You won’t like my answer, but most Chinese restaurants use MSG in their food for that “authentic” taste.

thanks, I know, but I mean a very special flavor: it tastes similiar when I use fishsauce together wit 5 spices mix, a wok of course…but I cant get it the same, especially the noodles have that say “smokey” flavor…

Let’s not be knocking Chinese Restaurants.
MSG is a flavor enhancer that has been in use for a very long time. It’s a lot more expensive than salt, and its a lot healthier than salt. Plus, there has never been any study that’s repeatable that shows MSG is bad.
Secondly, if a cook is not cleaning their utensils between orders, it’s a lazy employee, not a Chinese practice. Woks are steam cleaned between orders, merely by introducing water into the wok, which is kept extremely hot, and then poured off before the next food is used.
And you can find lazy cooks in any restaurant. If you think a steakhouse is cleaning their grill between orders of pork, chicken, and/or beef, you’re wrong. Same for pasta pots in Italian restaurants, they’re not cleaned until the next shift, if even then. Whether food is properly cooked in any restaurant, is up to the pride of the chef, not the nationality of the food.
When it comes to the taste of chinese cooking, it is very dependant upon the chef at the moment. When it comes to Oriental cooking, there are combinations of ingredients that can create a myriad of flavors.
Unlike other chefs, most Oriental cooks, if tipped, will reveal how they get their unique flavor, because they take great pride in food compliments.

Believe me, I was not knocking Chinese restaurants. I don’t have a problem with MSG. I was merely pointing out that it does give food a different (more intense) flavor, which is what I thought JohnnyFav was looking for.

Sorry if I ranted a might about the MSG. Sadly, so many think its harmful, when in fact, there is no such true evidence. Guess I was thrown off when you 1st stated, “You won’t like my answer, but most Chinese restaurants use MSG in their food for that “authentic” taste.” Can’t imagine why JF wouldn’t of liked having an answer to his question ?
I once knew a vegeterian who’d never eaten Chinese food because of her fear of MSG. How sad is that ! ? ! ?
I won’t say that everything about Chinese cooking is healthy, but in comparison to other nationalities, it’s miles ahead. Noone uses a veggie to meat ratio better than they do.
And over the years, I’ve introduced many ‘steak-&-potato’ types to enjoying veggies thru Oriental dishes. And many of them have been quite impressed when they find the great flavor MSG adds to their beef.
Gee, can ya’ tell that I just love Chinese food ? LOL

@Kitchen Witch: I do appreciate all your helpful posts, but I may suggest that a lot of chinese fast food on street cook their food on a hot plate “Teppan”-like and clean them, so no leftover sauces/ oiles…


100% aroma that I was looking for:

Stir-Fry Oil Woköl Rapsöl
Stir-Fry Oil Woköl Rapsöl

bought in asian food shop weeks ago, found quiete accidentally.
, unfortunatetly I guess its out of production, and the aroma added is not defined on the bottle.

To me the confirmation that industrial wok aroma does exist, but hard to get.