Vegetable peels

I’ve read that the trimmed peels and ends of vegetables like onion, carrots and celery can be tossed in a bag in the freezer and kept until you want to make chicken, vegetable or beef broth. Could this include the brown papery peels from onions? I would probably have to add some actual chopped carrots, onions and celery Everything would be strained out when the broth is finished.

Yes it can! I’ve done this for years. You only use these trimmings for the broth. Then, like you said, strain your broth and make your actual soup with the nicely-chopped veggies, as one would usually do. It’s thrifty and you get flavor out of every veggie you buy.

Thanks so much. It’s good to get an answer from someone who has done this successfully for years.

Actually, I started doing this when I was a college student, trying to live (and remain healthy) on a shoestring budget.:stuck_out_tongue:

The other thing you can do with those usually discarded peels is to make a compost, it works so well for your own garden. You can also add coffee grounds and pretty much anything organic!