of course - measurements will depend on the amount you are making - and I don’t measure for this

preheat oven to 375* F and spray or oil a baking sheet that will hold the veggies in a single layer

thick-sliced zucchini - 1/4-inch thick
cauliflower florets
broccoli florets
baby carrots or 1/4-inch slices on the diagonal from large carrots
green beans
whatever veggies you want

combine beaten egg yolk with milk in shallow dish

combine flavored bread crumbs or seasoned cracker crumbs with grated Parmesan in separate shallow dish

dip veggies in egg mixture; place in crumbs and coat thoroughly; set on baking sheet

if desired, drizzle with melted butter

bake about 20 minutes or until veggies are tender and golden

serve with bleu cheese dressing or ranch dressing
if using ranch dressing, sprinkle dressing with shredded Cheddar