Vietnamese Shrimp dish

Pre-Katrina while my son was in Tulane Med Hospital for Kidney-Pancreas transplant recovery I had occasion to eat at a small Vietnamese-Japanese restaurant named The Purple Rose. They featured a dish simply titled Grilled Shrimp. Known ingredients were 6 skewered, grilled shimp atop a bowl of noodles, possibly rice noodles. The noodles were in a clear liquid that tasted like cucumber and there was a very sparse amount of very finely sliced carrots. About a teaspoon full and I think they were there simply for contrast and presentation. It was a wonderful dish, and of course due to the hurricane the business no longer exists.
I have no idea who owned/managed it, though they were very friendly and nealy all of their meals were simple. Those I tasted were also very good, but this shrimp thing was the best. IMHO that is.
If the staff opened another restaurant I would surely like to know where. I doubt that anyone on this forum would know, but hopefully someone here might be familar with the dish and the recipe? If so, would you be kind enough to post it. If you prefer not to post it, you can email it to me at
Thanks in advance, and may your forthcoming years be wonderful ones.