Waldorf Refigerator Cake

Hello Everyone, I am very new at this and so happy to be a participant.
I am looking for a cake recipe that my grandmother made years ago. She
called it a “Waldorf Refigerator Cake”. It was a 4 layer chocolate cake with layers of pudding or custard. However, the pudding or custard was more ridged than an ordinary custard or pudding. When you cut into it the custard or pudding retained its shape----alittle stiff. Also the outside of the cake was covered with whip cream that again had a stiffer consistancy than just a whipped cream.It was not a cream or sugar icing…pure whip cream but stiffer, and it kept its shape beautifully for days in the fridge…the whip cream never would weep or break down, nor would the custard seep into the cake…I have desparatly been trying to duplicate the chocolate custard that was between the layers of cake and the firm whip cream on the outside with little success. She also would put lots of sliced almonds all around the sides and drizzle chocolate sauce over the top.-----DeeeeeeeLISH!!! The original recipe came from the Waldorf Bakery in Squirel Hill, Pa. which has been closed for years.
If anyone could give me a recipe for a firmer chocolate layer custard or pudding and firm pure whip cream icing I would be enternally grateful.Thanks!!