wanted recipe~x-mas wreath w/cornflakes

I’ve had this and my sister loves it it’s almost like a rice crispie treat but with cornflakes usually made into a bundt pan and died green to look like a wreath.

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LondonRose -

Here’s a recipe - you can probably press into a bundt pan instead of shaping!

Christmas Wreath Treats

* 1 large box of Cornflakes
* 1 bag red hots
* 1.5-2 bags marshmallows
* 6-8 drops green food coloring

Melt the Marshmallows as you would for Rice Crispy treats. Add green food coloring until it is a desirable shade. Pour entire box of Cornflakes into a large bowl. Carefully pour entire warm Marshmallow mixture over the cornflakes, and using your hands or a spatula, mix until all are evenly coated. Form into wreaths on plates. Do not let wreaths touch as they cool. Decorate with red. This is a great recipe to share with the kids or grand kids.

Thank you so much I just love all your recipes and love cooking


You’re very welcomed! Enjoy!

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