warm weather is here!

It just feels so good to have nice weather! We actually hit the low 80’s today. Of course - it felt too hot to really cook so I made it easy:

Brats - skillet fried in olive oil and garlic with vidalia onions; served on hoagie rolls.

Tomato and vidalia onion salad; vinaigrette dressing

Ice cream sundaes for dessert!

In times like this, I like to indulge myself in ice creams, yogurts, and ref cakes.

Chrysler Sebring Convertible Specifications by Chrysler USA

I’m guilty too!
Oh, yes, a bowl of ice cream or a milk shake in the evening is a must now!

lime juice and fruit salad is not bad :rolleyes:

No!!! HOT weather is for us in Alabama. I has been in the low 90’s with a lot of smoke from the forest fires in South GA and North FL every single day we have to breathe that smoke when we do have to go out, if we wear a mask we feel like we are smothering to death just can’t breathe with one of those on, ugh.

We need some of that rain TWC is saying that will be here the next day then move it forward two or three days from now. If it ever rains I think I will get outside and get drenching wet if it ever rains that much. We haven’t had any rain in a month. Everything is dying for the lack of water and if you water every day you feel like you have the National debt when you get your water bill.

But in the mean time it is hot here and humid but no rain…

Strange here - it went from furnaces running all day and night to hot and humid. Our grounds are all cracked - the rain keeps passing us and the farmers are really miserable! Yesterday there was a “spit” of rain somewhere in the country - but not enough to do anything. It’s miserable sleeping weather too. I guess there’s no satisfying us snowbelt people!!

What we Southerners call you are Snowbirds. Wish I had some snow now. our ground is also cracked the folks in So. AL & So. GA can’t even plant their crops because of no water they are under a water restriction of just watering once a week. Really very sad for the farmers where that is their living and on us as what veggies we do get will be sky high. That is the reason I am growing my garden.

I guess every one will have some kind of illness from all of this smoke we have to breathe.

Good night to you, sleep if you can. God Bless

Got to go to bed shortly.

I think this whole half of the US needs a dang good down pour!!! At this time of the year we have to mow our lawns at least twice a week because it is growing so fast - not now - the lawns look half dead! The birds are looking for water. No morning dew. Of course - the farmers will charge us astronomically for this but why not. Our gas is well over 3.40 and our milk is more than that per gallon. I’m ready to tie a cow to my back porch!!! I wish I could!

Looks like south GA and North FL have been getting good down pours sure hope they will put out the forest fires so we can at least sit out on our covered back porch and eat supper. And get at least a little work done after the sun goes down. Today is cooler 79* instead of the low to mid 90"s. The poor birds are really looking for water here to. Our gas is sky high as our milk. I told hubbie that we were going get us a couple of cows and tie them in the back yard, HA!!! Hubbie had to come off a diabetic drug it is brand new and cost a fortune 60$ for 30 tablets that is what he pays and the insurance pays the rest. He said he can’t afford it now what with Medicare taking out $93.50 out of my SS and the price of everything rising. He is feeling really bad and back on an older drug that don’t do the trick the new one did. No matter what he ate his sugar was between 93 & 115 now it may be higher as we ate breakfast a Shoney’s buffet and yes he ate french toast with a lot of the regular syrup and not the diabetic I told him he is going to get lethargic and very sleepy he said he would not so rather than get in an argument I didn’t say another word and If I did he takes up for the sweets he eats said that he don’t think it was the sweets that are doing it. I hear it all of the time when his sugar rockets up. Asked him to take his sugar he said that it wasn’t up at all that he just felt bad well I know why it happens every time he eats sweets and carbs. But they won’t get the blame because he wanted to eat them and loves anything extremely sweet. Oh Well!!! If you can’t win join them to keep peace in the family.

Went and got my veggies to plant this evening as our friend is coming over and plant them for me. Thank for John & Sue do not know what we would do without them.

WEll, well, it is raining here can’t believe it, just hope it will last all day long and night to. Looks like a good soaker slow steady rain just hope it won’t stop at all for about two days or more heck we will get out in the rain and plant. If the friends won’t I surely will do it I do not mind getting soaked to the bone just as long as there isn’t any lightening.

Got to run and dust and other cleaning as the friends will be here at 4 p.m.