Watery spaghetti

Can anyone tell me why, when I plate my spaghetti and add the sauce on top, water starts forming on the plate. I drain the spaghetti very well and when I place it on the plate there is no moisture but when I add the sauce, the water starts forming in puddles on the plate

I add my not quite finished cooking pasta to the sauce in the pan and finish the cooking there. I don’t rinse it or add oil to it. It never gets watery.

Thank you, I will try each suggestion as I do always rinse the speghetti.

Thank you, I did as instructed, cooked al dente, did not rinse, and tossed with a little olive oil. Placed the pasta on the plate, added sauce and behold, no water. I’m 63 and been cooking this spaghetti 47 years and its the first time I had no puddles. Any day you learn something new is a good day. Thank you all.

Now try putting the nearly cooked pasta into the pan of sauce and finish cooking the pasta in the sauce. I think you will get even better results as the sauce will cook into the pasta.