way too hot to cook

I don’t think I can take much more of this heat and humidity - and it’s beginning to make me quite miserable!

Yesterday’s menu -

Breakfast - iced tea

Mid-morning snack - iced tea (with plenty of iced tea in between “meals”)

Lunch - hot dog grilled on Geo. Forman grill - 2 pickles on the side, lemonade

Mid-afternoon snack - lemonade (with plenty of lemonade between"meals")

Dinner - strawberry swirl ice cream and iced tea

After dinner delight - iced tea and more iced tea

and today probably won’t be much better…

I just switched from iced tea to milk - LOL

Temps here now are averaging 90 F with 80-85% humidity. How does that compare?

It’s in the low 90’s and the humidity has to be at least 85% if not more. I really do not like the heat and humidity at all. I’m a fall baby - that is my time of the year.

And since today is as unpleasant as yesterday and everyone knows where the fridge is (I don’t need to draw a map) that is where you will find today’s menu - there are cold cuts, cheeses, sliced Italian and rye breads, plenty of pickles, olives and peppers, salad mix, iced tea and lemonade - there is a gallon of strawberry swirl and a gallon of chocollate fudge swirl in the freezer - there is chocolate syrup in the fridge and a bottle of Magic shell in the pantry that I bought yesterday.

There is also watermelon, grapes, bananas, apples, nectarines, pineapple and fruited yogurt that is ready to enjoy.

You’ll find a box of A & W freezie pops and Dr. pepper freezie pops along side the ice cream.

This is National Do-It-Yourself Day - please go do it yourself.

Good post. I appreciate it!