What can i add to my chocolate wheni melt it so it stay shiny after it dries !!

hello, i am trying to make chocolate at home

i got “JACQUES Bloc Dessert chocolat fondant (callebaut)” 500 g bloc and i melted a part of it everything went fine but after it dries its color is not shiny :S it’s very pale !!

some people told me to add butter others said to add shortening !!!

does any of these make it shiny or no ? if yes which one or if there’s anything else and when do i add it before i melt it or while or after?

thank you for your help


alright thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

I will try the vegetable shortening and i will try to be more patient when melting the chocolate :slight_smile:

I will let you know the result,

thank you again

Yeah. I usually cheat and use the wax. It works well though.

Well, I’m trying to create a white chocolate torte. I melted the white chocolate on a double boiler & after then I add the melted butter at room heat temperature, but at the first drop my chocolate begins to harden. It looks like a paste.

vegetable shortening was the solution :slight_smile: thank you very much for the advice Kitchen Witch

i was first afraid of adding it, so i did put a small spoon, it made it shine, the next time i added a big spoon and a half and the result was perfect!!!

there just one more thing as i want to satisfy my curiosity is adding butter a bad or good thing when melting chocolate ?
i will try to add some and let you know the results,

thank you again kitchen witch

I tried to add butter !!! honestly it didn’t make it shine that much, at first the butter did not merge with the chocolate so i kept shaking it with the spoon slowly and on the time temperature then it merged but it did not give it that shine !! so vegetable shortening is the choice, many told me wax can affect the chocolate taste.

Kitchen Witch I am sure your experience is perfect and as you told me butter is not good, shortening better.

One more question please, my chocolate are shiny and perfect, but i noticed that when i touch it with my hand or when i want to warp it with a chocolate paper or with a transparent paper (selophane) it’s sort of melting, while chocolate coming from factory do not melt you can hold it in your hand for like 30 s then it starts melting, so is it a good or bad thing that my chocolate melts when touch it and is there any method or something to do so i can avoid this sort of melting when touching it?

Thank you again

Thank you again for sharing your experience :slight_smile: and for taking from your time to answer my questions.