what did you have for St. Paddy's Day?

Well - St. Paddy’s Day is over. It’s the end of the green bagels and green beer until next year. The parades have ended and the Irish dancers can finally take a break from dancing all weekend. This is one weekend when everyone is a little Irish!

Did you make corned beef and cabbage? Or maybe you made some Irish Soda Bread.

Share your St. Paddy’s Day menus with us!

This year we had Colcannon - sauteed cabbage and onions, salt and pepper, added boiled mashed potatoes and cream and butter.

I made “bangers” - pork, salt, pepper, marjoram, allspice, pinch sage, dried bread crumbs, etc. and formed into patties instead of stuffing into casings; skillet fried.

Basic scones: flour, salt, baking soda, cream of tartar, margarine, buttermilk.

No green beer or green bagels for us!

I Made Corn Beef And Cabbage,sooooooooo Good. Make It Every Year.:wink:

I love corned beef and cabbage - this was the first year we didn’t have it - we had a snow storm and no one would be coming to dinner so I made it simple. We probably will have corned beef and cabbage next weekend - we missed it! Tried to do something a bit different - oh well!!

We had corned beef sandwiches, our usual. We made made the corned beef but the corning spices that came with it just didn’t seem very flavorful.

Cookbook Junkie -

I don’t care for those packets myself - sometimes you’re just better off using your own seasonings!!