What Did You Think of The Oscars?

Open discussion on the Oscars.

What did you think? Who should have one? Who looked great? Who looked tacky? etc…

It really did not seem too drawn out, and thankfully we were not made to listen to their political views too much. I loved all of the gowns that I saw and thought Jon Stewart was very good as host.

I agreed totally on Crash winning the best picture, it was terrific! There is a movie out called The End of the Spear which I felt should have been mentioned but perhaps it was too late for that awards. Stage settings were remarkable and quick to change. All in all more like what I expect from Oscar, only thing I disapprove of is the fact that they receive $40,000.00 gift bags for presenting, what a waste of money on people who really do not need it, would have liked them to use money elsewhere. These high paid actors should donate to their retirement homes or healthcare of actors.

The actress I felt looked very uncomfortable was Charzene or whatever her name is, the really pretty blonde that had on the black dress with a huge bow at the shoulder, she looked so stiff!

I am sorry to say, but to be quite honest with you i did not watch the oscars, sorry!

I thought it was a good show and Jon Stewart was so funny. I love watching the gowns. I wish that I had seen some of the movies that were up for the awards. I usually have seen at least one but not this year. I plan to see them in DVD when they are available.

I loved it. I thought it was the best one. Jon Stewart was fabulous. I was glad Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress, but I thought Juaquin Phoenix should have won Best Actor. And “Walk the Line” should have won best picture. The entertainment was super.

I especially liked them this year - nothing was over-the-top. Jon Stewart is so cute - he seemed to know how to put the whole thing into perspective.

I thought the speeches were not too long except for Reese Witherspoon who sounded ingenuine. The guy that played Johnny Cash is hot - I’m glad PS

Hoffman won - he’s always good in everything - I’m glad “Crash” won because it is supposed to be low budget. The tribute to the recently deceased was not overly sentimental, as in the past. If the industry thinks it’s getting pirated I think the actors need more of a cut of the $9.50 that we pay at the box office - that would balance out their fees being cut.

I did not watch them - had not seen any of the movies ( tho I love movies, you have to be very careful in what you see) I choose to rent then I can just stop if I’m insulted by the theme. I found more intertainment on the food network!! \o/\o/

Re: Oscars!!!
This Year I Found Them A Bit On The Boring Side…but Did Not Mind The Handsome George C.

I watch just to see the gowns. I think the people who did the interviewing of the actors were dumb and ask silly questions of them. I think some questions made them feel uncomfortable.
I was glad Crash won but I also liked Walk The Line.

I thought it was a very enjoyable evening.Jon Stewart was great, he was funny but I dont think most of the audience appreciated his type of humor.JLO looked gorgeous in her green gown, very elegant. No slits up too far or down too far. Anistan looked beautiful in black, so did Sandra Bullock. Lot of pretty gold gowns there also. just interesting watching these people interact with oneanother. Wonder who they will pick to lead it next year. ???.

sorry but the oscars just dont do it for me as it just seams to be one big fashon show.

I grew up in the land of the lost and have no use for Hollyweird and their self importance. They forget they are only actors and movies are just entertainment. Nothing more.

Having completed the UCLA entertainment writing course back in the Fall
2005, I viewed this years Oscars in a completely different vein than ever

I think Jon Steward is the perfect MC for the show and hope they invite him back next year.

There was nothing outstanding about the entire program, except I found the presentation set-up by Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep incredibly annoying.

Also, I’m still getting over the award going to the “Ode to a pimp” as I call it.

I expected to see “Brokeback Mount Him”, um, I mean “Brokeback Mountain” pulling more awards than it did. Although I’ve not seen the movie, my personal analysis as to why it didn’t pull more, is that certain groups and individuals held it up as the poster child to promote their gay agenda, thereby, detracting from its artistic value.

Judi Hanford

I must confess, i did not watch the Oscar fully, I only had a glance
which was exiting. I like the gowns and make ups, they were quite
nice and beautiful.

I totally disliked the Oscars this year! I thought it was a boring way to spend a Sunday. Jon Stewart is no favorite of mine and I wish they would bring back Billy Crystal. The guy that won Best Actor for Capote was truly the right choice in my humble opinion, though I can’t remember his name. :confused:

I actually only watch the last half hour of the program. That’s where you see who won for best supporting actor/actress, best actor/actress in a leading role, best adapted screenplay, best original screenplay, and best motion picture awards. This is the only thing that interests me. I really couldn’t care less who wore what and who’s with who.


I did not see the oscars because I arrived home late and I was compelled to make a banana pudding from scratch. The real thing. First, I had to locate some ripe bananas. I ate a large serving, hot from the oven and it was so good. Wish you could have been here.–JIM

I don’t watch those shows - totally boring. I am not into fashion and glitz and these shows are to show off whose clothing looks better on who, etc.

I don’t watch those shows - fashion and glitz is not my thing. Now give me a good cooking show and we can talk.

Oscars, Academy’s, People’s Choice etc…boy they sure do pat themselves on the back a lot.