what is egg replacer?

what is egg replacer ? where I can fine it?
is there any egg replacer in the regular grossary shelf?

If you are in the US the brand I know is Eggbeaters.

An egg replacer is an ingredient used by vegans to replace eggs in baking. The product comes in a box and can be found usually in the whole-foods or health-foods section of supermarkets. It is a dry ingredient, easy to use and gives good results. Hope this helps.

There is a difference between EggBeaters, and similar brands, and the Egg Replacer found at health food stores (such as the one made by Ener-g). Regular EggBeaters takes out the high cholesterol yellow part of regular eggs and has mostly egg whites to lower fat and cholesterol.
Ener-g Egg Replacer contains NO EGGS for us who are allergic to eggs or strict vegans. It can be used in baking as an egg substitue for binding ingredients. It works well for pancakes, etc., but not so well in cake recipes. They are very crumbly. But if you can’t eat eggs and are craving an occasional little piece of cake, the crumbly cake tastes good.

Sometimes, when a recipe does not include eggs, it will call for “egg replacer” instead. This is most often found in vegan recipes, since vegan recipes don’t include animal products and never use eggs, although a search for egg-free bloggers will find you plenty of people who also don’t want to include eggs in their cooking. Egg replacer is a packaged product that is a dry mixture of starches and/or binding ingredients that is meant to replace some of the function of an egg in a recipe

Learn something new everyday. Thank you.

Egg replacer is a must if you are baking without eggs. Actually Egg replacer doesn’t replace eggs in all circumstances.While many people use flax seeds, bananas or even silken tofu to replace the eggs in a baked recipe.Ener-G is goos egg replacer to use and also easy to operate.