What should I serve with steak and lobster?

I am serving prom night dinner for my son and his date. I am serving steak and lobster. What should I fix with it?

That sounds good. But I don’t know what green beans almondine is. How is that made?

Another option would be just a Caesar salad with the steak and lobster to lighten up the meal.

You could try garlic mashed potatoes, or rice pilaf, steamed sugar-snap peas or steamed asparagus, add a tossed salad (or Caesar salad, as mentioned above); it would depend upon how picky or “culinarily adventurous” your son and his date are. Depending on how much you want to fuss, you could also try a corn souffle-like gratin. (I’s a lot easier than it sounds; I have a recipe for that if you want).