what were they thinking???

Men chef-wanna-be’s!!! Just from my area - not to mention the rest of the country…

True story - This past Thanksgiving 2 homes were burned to the ground because hubbie wanted to help with the cooking. Both men were going to deep-fry their Thanksgiving birds while the whole entire family was there! Turkey is done in no time (compared to oven roasting) - at least that was what these guys thought. They were doing it in their garages because it was cold outside. They were lucky to get out alive - lost everything. All those people running out of a burning home!!! Two homes, two garages, one car and everything these families owned - GONE!

Fast forward to yesterday - Hubbie is the BBQ King. This clown was roasting a pig in his garage! Bye-bye garage, entire home and all their belongings!


morning, In response to your question,thats the problem they weren’t thinking.Have a good one.