Whats for Christmas dinner

Im bored with my Dinner, It seems as if every Christmas I make the same dinner, TurkeyW/stufffing…and or Ham. Mashed Potatoesw/Gravy, Green Bean Casserole…Sweet Potatoes…Fruit salad…corn casserole, homemade rolls…and dessert. I always have finger foods and cookies galore. But I need some new side dishes…any one have some good ones they would like to share. It will be the 5 of us and my outlaws…i mean inlaws :oops:

Hi Kelly!

Last year, my whole family came to my house for Christmas Dinner. I served turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade cheese/potato perogies, bread stuffing, pork and potato stuffing, tourtières (my mom’s meat pies), corn, cheeses, salad, and buns. We also had a big variety of dessert: homemade pecan pie, lemon squares, fudge, different cookies. Throughout the day, we had appetizers and small desserts arranged on a decorated island: shrimp with dip, crab dip and crackers, some kind of spicy tortilla rolls (sister made them), taco salad. We had two types of punches: for the adults, we had a cranberry punch which the guests mixed with wine. The kids had their own cranberry/orange punch which was a GREAT idea because they drank less pop. It also made them feel “grown up”. I know…lots of food!!! There was 23 of us. Everybody brings something and so we end up with too much food. At the end of the evening, everybody brings home doggy bags.

I feel the same as you do…same ole, same ole. Personally, I don’t care for turkey and neither does half the family. Don’t know why we just don’t buy a big CHICKEN instead! LOL But…my father ALWAYS buys the turkey. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same for him without turkey.

My sister’s in-laws had spaghetti one year!!! LOL

How about asparagus? brussel sprouts? as vegetable side dishes.

Oh spaghetti…thats funny!! First time i have heard of that on Christmas…lol
I did see a Turducken(turkey,chicken duck) at loblaws yesterday, it crossed my mind, but i have never had duck so…Its a neat idea but im not sure how it would go over.

A typical Christmas dinner (minimum of 20 people at the table) was always -

Roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, corn

Homemade lasagna, stuffed shells, braciole, meatballs, rags (homemade macaroni)

Antipasto, pickled eggs, deviled eggs, relish trays

Homemade bread and rolls - the rolls were served in a homemade bread basket - I love to eat part of the handle of the “basket”

at least 3 different jello salads, yule logs – one chocolate, one white filled with lemon filling, apple pies, pumpkin pies, mincemeat pies, lemon meringue pies, banana cream pies, butter cake, and fruitcake

homemade cookies are made by the bushel and homemade candy

This was a typical meal served every year - 1:00 in the afternoon -

the fruitcake is made right after Thanksgiving, all the other baking was done the day before Christmas - with the exception of some of the cookies that were able to store longer - like the fruit cookies were made 5 days ahead - just like the Christmas candies were - the rest of the cookies were made 2 days before Chrsitmas - Christmas Eve Day all cakes were baked before noon so that all the pies could be baked next - jello salads were made while the cakes cooked

bread and rolls were made on Christmas Day while the roast was in one oven - bread was in the other - bread came out - bread basket went in - bread basket came out - lasagna and stuffed shells went in - rolls went in just before guests arrived -

by the time everyone was seated - the rolls were placed in the bread basket and all the food was served

2 stoves, 3 ovens and 2 very tired cooks - and it is worth every moment of it!!!

How about a Christmas pudding for dessert? And for some different sides: squash (your choice) casserole, garlic roasted (or mashed) potatoes, coleslaw or large salad of mixed greens, Dr. Pepper baked beans & Mexican cornbread?

Also, how do you fix your sweet potatoes? If you usually make them candied, try a sweet potato souffle or vice versa. We traditionally make both Irish potatoes & sweet potatoes. If you don’t want white potatoes, try cooking some cauliflour and make just like you would your mashed potatoes.

Hope this helps. If you need any of the recipes, just let me know and I’ll post away.