What's for Dad on Father's Day

Being that Father’s Day is Sunday, I thought it would be interesting to share ideas on what to do for Dad this Father’s Day.

  • What gift are you getting Dad?

  • If you’re cooking for Dad, please share your dinner ideas.

  • If your eating out, please tell us where

It’s all about the Dads this weekend. Let’s show them a little appreciation.


I believe I will be grilling a great big well marinaded ribeye steak and enjoying a cold budweiser select. Now that will suffice me for Fathers Day!

As we are going camping this weekend, it will be roughing it for the meal.

Homemade Ice cream
Apple Raisin Pecan Upside down cake
Grilled steak
baked potatoes
corn on the cob
and lettuce salad.

I am glad I am roughing it, goodness knows what it would be if we were home :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

And what to you give Dad - what else a New tackle box and a couple of (I really need these) lures.

Happy Father’s Day to the all the guys.
:lol: :smiley: :smiley:

I will be fixin’ ribs for the family on my day! I am experimenting with a new recipe so I will be smoking a rack of spareribs while using my traditional method with a few racks of baby backs. I’m just getting into the true Barbecue process, so the family is my taste-test staff. So far, they have been lovin’ their assignment!!!

Happy Fathers’ Day to All the dads in this forum!

As for gift ideas, I never have any. Did see a box from Williams-Sonoma sittin’ around though…

Woops! the message above from “Guest” was actually from me!!!

My husband ( I mean the children’s FATHER) gets the entire day OFF. He gets coffee, paper and breakfast snack in bed courtesy of my daugther, he gets to watch my son mow the grass or wash a vehichle while he sips an adult beverage on the patio. He gets a gourmet meal of Seared Butter Garlic Halibut w/Mango Salsa, Brocolli and fetucinni Alfredo all on a bed of spinach no dish duties afterwards. We usually have dinner in the early evening while he continues to monitor his beverage and last but not least he gets presents. It’s very much a tradition in our house that at least one day of the year the parent gets the day OFF and the kids have so much fun with it.

Lobster, Lobster & more Lobster. Cooked in the back yard by our son-in-law. Served with bacon wrapped scallops and shrimp in garlic butter. The only other thing we have is garlic bread and lots of beer :stuck_out_tongue:

At my house, with all the Dads we have in the family, we gather them all up, put them out on the patio with out tools for a change, have a nice cold assortment of beverages and then grill grill grill. We start with clams steamed open on the grill, graduate to cheddarwurst for a light snack for them while awaiting the main feast. This year we will include steak, ribs, small lobster tails which we steam first, roasted corn, homemade roasted red potato salad, grilled veggie kabobs, cucumber salad, baked beans for those who adore them, a green salad of some sort for the dieters, and top it off with fruit salad and cakes later on in the evening. Of course there has to be a great card game going all day! Happy Father’s Day to all the guys out there 8)

Unfortunately I am divorced and all of my offspring live all over the U.S., so there wont be any Father’s Day festivities. However, after reading thru the forum, I would be more than happy to partake in any one of the meals being planned for that day.

Enjoy the day with your Dads and be thankful for the opportunity to do things together.

Happy Father’s Day! :smiley:

Well for the last 5 yrs my husband has forgotten mothers day. Especially this year when i have twin babies. He never even said “happy mothers day to me” until i mentioned it. Last week he rolls over in bed and says. “So, what are the kids getting me for Fathers day?” and i said, “Well the same thing that you have given me for the last 5 yrs, but a different color”

Day to all the dads out there! To all of you who arent able to celebrate Fathers Day cuz your dads gone or kids not around…it’s always cool to visit a nursing home, hospital, or shelter and sort of “fill in” as a son to one of the guys there! I used to work in a nursing home and seen this done a few times and our guys loved it and were very touched to have someone remember them and visit with them…Anyway, we will be leaving flowers at our dads grave and then having my brother in laws over to grill together…bought a new tackle box for my hubby from me and our son and he will have breakfast in bed! :smiley:

My day will start with a round of golf, a few beers at the American Legion, then heading home to BBQ some pork steaks. Thats a perfect Day for me.


Having experience with this I would NEVER give a man a chain saw for a gift. They can be wicked with them and try to cut down every thing in sight. One wanted to “trim” my apple tree. End of Joke laugh here. He almost butchered it before I could stop him. Be warned and don’t say I didn’t tell you. LOL dollytoo

I haven’t decided on the menu yet for tomorrow. We may either go to brunch at El Torito or grill something at home. My husband loves watches so he’s getting 2 new watches, a bbq chef apron with pockets to hold his new bbq tools. I think I also have some cologne hidden in the closet for him. And the kids both made him something at school that I have yet to see. Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there…Enjoy!

Without getting sloppy with sentiment, I plan to enjoy Fathers Day with my wife and 4 kids. That’s present enough for me. I love my family dearly, and I suspect some home crafted cards from my kids are enroute…and that’s just great in my books. I susoect we’ll BBQ and I’ll call my dad and brother to extend the well wishes of the day. I simply want to enjoy a quiet, but family filled fun day. Best wishes to all the Dads out there!

B-man :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

P.S. Best wishes Ron, and do be careful with your new chainsaw…the membership here should take up a collection and send you a goalie mask…and we could start calling you JASON! Kidding of course. :wink:

That’s funny. Good stuff. :lol:

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. Enjoy!