What's the dif ???

Okay… I’ve been checking out recipes for burritos and enchiladas. What’s the difference between them?? :? They both have filling rolled up, topped off with sauce and cheese, and then baked.

Ever since I seen a chicken and rice burrito being served at a restaurant on a show on the Food Network TV, I’ve been looking for a recipe. However, this filling didn’t have any tomato-like or salsa-like ingredient included in the filling. Just spicy chicken and a yellow-looking rice filling rolled up in a tortillas, covered with a ranchero sauce and cheese, baked, and then served with sour cream across the middle. Have yet to find a recipe like this. If anyone has one, PLEASE SHARE !!! :cry: :cry: :lol:

I found this online, hopefully it’ll be helpful!

An enchilada is a tortilla rolled with filling [typically stuffed with cheese, chicken, etc], covered in sauce and cheese and can be [and usually is] baked.

A burrito is simply any filling you wish wrapped in a tortilla [which, a lot of the time, the tortilla isn’t cooked].

Enchiladas are a more elaborate version of a burrito in that they are cooked and have a sauce over them.

Enchilada’s are made with corn tortilla’s - burito’s with flour!

Hope this helps!

Fillings are in 100’s. Pick your fave n go!

I use the sun dried tomato “wraps” sold now for burrito’s with a diff flavor!