where did my recipes go?

Cannot seem to find my recipes I sent in, did get a message that one was transfered to frozen desserts, cannot find anything

You can try doing a serch for the spesific item. Or, you can click on your profile button on the bottom of your post. In this section, there is a link you can click on to see all recipes posted by that person. You may find it that way.

YOU WILL FIND THEM THIS WAY, lol I just checked out mine and it was pretty neat to see how many people have looked at what I’ve submitted!

Hi indiana anna:

It sounds like your posts are under the new forum “Just Desserts”. Go to the bottom of the pages and click on “jump to”. Scroll down to New-Just Desserts Recipes. You will probably find your recipe there under the heading of FROZEN DESSERTS. Hope this helps.

BetK :wink: