Where Unhealthy Habits Start (Heart Health)

Where Unhealthy Habits Start (Heart Health)

Your weight is the result of many factors working together — height, genes, metabolism (the way your body converts food and oxygen into energy), behavior, and environment. Changes in our environment that make it harder to engage in healthy behaviors have a lot to do with the overall increase in weight over the past few decades:

As a society, we spend a lot of time in the car or sitting behind a desk. For many of us — parents and children alike — daily life doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity. If we want to be active, we have to make an effort.

Food is everywhere, along with messages telling us to eat and drink. We can even get something to eat at places where food was never available before — like the gas station. Going out to eat or buying carryout is easy.
Food portions in restaurants and at home are bigger than they used to be.

Becoming overweight doesn’t happen overnight. It develops over time when the energy we consume is not in balance with the energy we burn from physical activity.

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