Why does fudge dry out quicker if it is kept on marble?

Hello everyone! I am new to this site so hello to everyone! I have recently started working at a candy-shop and we have a fudge bar. It is basically stocked with about 12 flavors on average at all times, and it is not kept sealed at night or any other time for that matter. I suggested putting in a marble slab to make it prettier (it is currently on linoleum) and i was told that it will dry out faster if it’s on marble. At least that is what she thinks, since one of our other stores has marble and theirs seems dryer. What is o.k. to place it on, if anything else?

LOL, when I was a kid my father would cut a piece of linoleum to fit the kitchen table to protect the wooden table top.

There isn’t enough room on the bar to put every chunk of fudge on an individual plate. My father-in-law has a tile business and I would like to put something nicer in that space. Is one reason why it is drying out on marble because it is so porous? I wonder if there is a stone or some kind of material that could be used that wouldn’t cause it to dry out as much.

I would think if its ‘coolness’, it would be exactly the same for glass as for marble, would it not ?
And polished marble is essentially non porous, thus ya’ don’t have to worry about your kitchen counter tops absorbing food juice and creating a germ farm.
I would think ya’ need to ask your father in-law. He’d have the answer that the rest of us can only wonder about. Let us know what he says…would like to know myself.
Since light, temp change, and air, are the usual suspects for drying thing out, I’d be more inclined to think the case at the other store has different conditions other than the marble.