Wine Storage/Tips

If being stored for an extended period of time, bottles of wine should always be kept on their side to prevent the cork from drying out and shrinking, and altering the flavour of the wine.

Wine glasses should only be filled one-half to two-thirds full to ensure that the wine has room to breathe and release its full aroma.

A good quality wine glass should always be at least 10 ounces and have an edge that curves inward at the lip to help retain the bouquet and scent of the wine.

Opened bottles of red and white wine may be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

**Studies have shown that drinking a glass of red wine every day may actually have certain health benefits. Research indicates that moderate consumption of red wine may help protect against certain forms of cancers and heart disease. Drinking red wine can also help keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check. But do remember, the key to the health benefits of red wine lie in moderate consumption. In other words, when it comes to red wine more of a good thing is not a better thing.