wish I had home-grown tomatoes!!

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday since Lent that we can eat meat!!!

So it’s beef liver and onions, fried in olive oil with plenty of garlic, fresh parsley, cracked pepper and kosher salt! (dredge liver in flour before frying)

Baked potatoes sound good with this since I need to use the oven anyway to make my baked tomatoes. I love using home grown tomatoes for this recipe - but since our planting season hasn’t even gotten started yet - I guess I will have to use canned diced tomatoes simmered with garlic, minced onion, minced red bell pepper, fresh parsley, pepper and just a pinch of salt so that I can add a teaspoon of chicken bouillon. Once this gets nice and thick it’s ready to layer in custard cups with day-old Italian bread cut in thin slices and then diced from there. The bread is very lightly toasted in a skillet with a bit of olive oil and a pat of butter. Layer in cups - bread, tomato, bread, tomato and top with bread. Sprinkle with fresh Pecorino Romano grated on top. Place cups on baking sheet and heat in 350* F. oven until top is golden brown. What I like about making baked tomatoes - you can make the tomato mixture ahead of time and place in fridge until ready to assemble!

oh - forgot - to mention - if you want some “zing” with the baked tomatoes - toast the bread crumbs in zesty Italian salad dressing instead of olive oil/butter for a great flavor!

Dear K.W. The tomato thing sounds so good and just wanted to let you know we just planted our tomatoes a couple of days ago. Hope it doesn’t frost again (which it very well might). Could you post to tomato recipe so I could copy it easier. It sounds good and I have never had the baked tomatoes.