Worms au Gratin (Pasta)

Worms au Gratin (Pasta)

4 quarts - Water
1 tablespoon - Salt
2 cups - Egg noodles
8 ounces - Spaghetti (broken into short pieces)
2 tablespoons - Butter or margarine
1 ½ cups - American cheese (grated)
½ teaspoon - Vegetable oil

2 - Whole-wheat bread slices (toasted)
1 tablespoon - Butter or margarine (melted)
¼ teaspoon - Salt

To prepare worms, fill a large pot with 4 quarts of water and add the salt. Heat over medium to high heat until the water comes to a rapid boil. Add the egg noodles and spaghetti (worms) and allow the water to come to a boil again. Lower the heat and cook the worms on a slow boil, uncovered, for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Drain and pour them into a large bowl. Toss with butter or margarine and the grated cheese. Grease the inside of a casserole dish with the vegetable oil. Pour the cooked worms into the dish and set aside.

To prepare the dirt, in a small bowl, crumble the toasted bread into tiny crumbs. Mix melted butter and salt with the crumbs to create dirt. Sprinkle dirt over worms and place under the broiler for 5 minutes.