Year-round dressing

This is good with chicken and pork chops as well as Thanksgiving turkey.
Just adjust the amounts to your entree needs. No additional seasoning is needed.We have always put oyster stuffing in the turkey neck and Frito stuffing in the body cavity. We use it year round because everyone wants it more than once a year. For 4 servings:
diced celery and diced onions- 1/2 C each for chicken or chops
seasoned dressing mix 1-2C
Fritos 1-1& 1/2C

  1. Microwave the celery and onions with 1T water in a covered dish for
    2-4 minutes til crispy tender or pan saute with chicken broth for fat-free
  2. Crush the desired amount of Fritos
  3. Mix veggies, dressing mix, Fritos with water to your desired level of
  4. If pan cooking chicken or pork chops , just mound it atop the meat
    and cook until meat is done.
  5. For a 16-20# turkey use 2C of veggies, 2 bags of dressing mix, 1med
    bag Fritos [poke a hole in bag and then crush IN BAG with a roller]
    Just add oysters to some of the mix, if desired.