yesterday and today -

Yesterday I made a boneless pork roast in the crockpot (kosker salt, cracked black pepper, fresh garlic and fresh parsley with a tad of olive oil). Mashed potatoes, butter, milk, salt/pepper. Buttered whole kernel corn. Applesauce. Crusty Italian bread.

Today - diced leftover pork (it was a nice roast - no fat at all!), thawed 2 qt. jars of fresh smashed tomatoes that I had frozen 2 months ago, heated in skillet with chopped red and green bell pepper, chopped onion, salt, pepper, fresh parsley, fresh garlic, pinch marjoram, pinch sugar - add rice - when cooked I added the diced leftover pork - heated through. One pot and it’s done. Crusty Italian bread, green salad and fresh made iced tea.

Sometimes it’s nice to have leftovers!!