Your favorite cookbooks? and why?

I would like to know if anybody would like to share their favorite cookbooks, the ones they have tried many recipes from and highly recommend.

I use Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (Vol1) simply because I have a french background and I go to her whenever I want to find a recipe from my childhood. This is exactly how my mother (spanish) used to cook for my father(french) all the french stuff. The way to cook vegetables, etc, everything is explained as I have seen at home. I must say Julia’s are the most thorough and accurate cookbooks I have seen. And I discovered her through the movie! I had no idea who she was. The Mastering… book is an incredible work of art.

Another author I highly recommend for Asian cooking is Charmaine Solomon. I discovered her by chance on Amazon and apparently she is quite well known.
I have her Thai book (had to buy second-hand), the Complete Asian Cookbook and her encyclopedia. All the recipes I have tried so far are just spot on.
I must recommend (as she does in her books) to make your own curry & other pastes for which she has the instructions. I make green and red curry and tom yam paste from her books and it is simply heaven!

Anybody has any REAL good books to recommend?

My first and still favorite cook book(s) is the twelve volume set of Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cooking. It is not just a collection of recipes, but also explains purchasing, storing and cooking of ingredients. It also explains techniques. I learned so much from this wonderful set.

Its too mine favorite cookbooks…


My favorite cookbook… The Joy of cooking. It was given to me when I 1st got married and have never found anything better to replace it.