Your Kitchen Cupboard

What do you always stock in your cupboards so you are always (ok, usually!) ready for dinner and what do you make with those items?


I always have pasta, canned tomatoes, dried chilies, garlic, parmesan cheese. It makes for a quick arrabiatta. Also bacon, eggs and parmesan cheese for a carbonara.

Potatoes and onions are a staple for me.

I like to keep various sausages in the freezer. I use Italian with pasta, chorizo for a Spanish tortilla, and German with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut, a jar of which I keep on hand.

With these things in my pantry, I can always have a meal in about 30 minutes.

Way too many to list, but here are some interesting things I have in my cupboard

Pickled Thai red chilies
Vietnamese Shrimp Paste
Ziyad Hot Chili Paste
Mung beans with the green husk on
Blue Mountain Jamaican Curry Powder
Jasmine rice
Ethiopian Berbere spice mix
Moroccan Extra Hot Harrissa
Special Sichuan Fried Rice Sauce

…now if only someone would tell me what to do with them!! :wink:

Chili paste and shrimp paste are components of many Thai recipes. For many exceptional Thai recipes check out Adventures in Thai Food & Travel.

I am very lazy.So my mom always put the noodles and rice noodles with sauce.