you're invited.....


I would like to invite you all to the Recipe Exchange to join in the creative fun of the “frankenstein” recipe!

Each week I will post one ingredient.

And you are cordially invited to add a second ingredient to the one that I posted. And while you’re at it - how about posting a recipe using both ingredients!

Are you brave enough to add a third ingredient to the first two?? And a recipe using all three ingredients???

Now - how brave are you??? What about a fourth ingredient, or a fifth - and so on!

Even if you have a differnt recipe using just two or three ingredients - post away!! The more the merrier!

Come on - we’ve got some really creative and adventurous cooks out there!

Join in the fun!

You are all invited!! Hope to see you there soon!!

Kitchen Witch

Ahhhh…the challenge is on!

This seems like a great opportunity for fun participation and interaction. This will prove to be a great opportunity to dig deep in our personal recipe files and post up a recipe, ingredient and challenge in successive order.

Hmmm…an evolving recipe crossword, of sorts. Neat idea and a novel way to encourage participation by ALL members…ahemmmm - Ron, your automatically included! Maybe a brief broadcast message in the next weekly Recipe Secrets Release regarding the fun challenge K\W has set up?

OK…I’m in! Anyone else care to join in the fun?