zucchini cassarole

small onion
cheddar cheese
cream of mushroom soup

slice zucchini thin (I use my cheese shredder)

in a mixing bowl mix cheese and soup and finely chopped onion
toss with zucchini
place in oven proof dish
you can top with frenches toasted onions

you can also add to this broccoli

bake at 350 until bubbly

Hi Londonrose, About how much zucchini would you say you use for this recipe?
Thanks, from

it depends on the size of the zucchini the small ones apx 4 med ones 2-3 and the large ones 1 you would need apx 3 cups of sliced zucchini since they do shrink when cooked. You don’t want the mixtture to runny before you cook it. I mix it all together and it should be coated but not swimming in the sauce. You can also add some milk if if seems to dry but when the zucchini does cook it release alot of liquid. I hope this helps.