Palacsinta (hungarian Crepes)

Palacsinta Is The Crepe-like Pancake Of Hungary. This Is The Ultimate Favourite Food Of Young & Old Alike. A Thin Melt-in-the-mouth Palacsinta Is Also The Measure Of A Good Cook. No Doubt Successful Preparation Takes Some Practice, But The Result Is Worth It. A Proper Crepe Pan Is Best, However, A Non-stick Pan Will Work As Well.

4 Eggs
1½ Cups All Purpose Flour
2 – 3 Cups Whole Milk
1 Tbsp Oil
½ Tsp Salt

Using An Electric Beater, Blender Or Food Processor Beat Eggs, Add Flour & 2 Cups Of Milk. Mix Thoroughly, Add 1 More Cup Of Milk If Making Very Thin Dessert. Add Oil & Fry Immediately. The Batter Should Be Like Thin Syrup.

To Fry, Heat ¼ Teaspoon Of Vegetable Shortening In The Crepe Pan On Medium Heat. Swirl To Cover All Parts Of The Pan. The Shortening Must Be Very Ht Before Adding The Batter; Otherwise It Will Stick. Using A Soup Ladle Or Measuring Cup Pour Enough Batter In The Pan To Cover About 2/3 Of The Area, About ¼ Cup For A 9-inch Pan. Swirl To Cover The Rest Of The Pan.

The Edges Will Start To Curl & The Top Will Begin To Dry. When The Entire Top Is Dry, Loosen The Palacsinta With A Spatula & Turn Over. The Underside Should Be A Golden Brown. The Second Side Takes Only Seconds To Turn Colour. Slide Out From Pan Onto A Flat Plate & Fill. Mix Batter Often While It Sits.

Palacsinta Freezes Quite Will. Place A Sheet Of Wax Paper Between Each Cooled Palacsinta Before Stacking & Freezing.


Jam: Roll 1 – 2 Tablespoons Of Firm Jam Into Each Hot 			Palacsinta & Transfer To Warm Oven-proof Dish. 			Keep The Serving Dish In The Oven At 200°f While The 			Rest Of The Palacsintas Are Frying Or Reheat The 			Whole Dish In The Microwave For 2 Minutes.

Cocoa: Fill With An Equal Mixture Of Cocoa & Sugar. 			Increase The Temperature Of The Oven To 300°f For 			10 Minutes Before Serving & The Filling Will Melt.

Walnut Or Poppyseed: Sweeten Ground Walnuts Or 				Ground Poppyseeds (the Poppy Seeds Must Be 				Ground To Release The Flavour) To Taste With 				Sugar Or Honey. Roll Into Palacsinta.

Cottage Cheese (The Classic):

1 Cup Fine-curd Dry Cottage Cheese (if Not Available, Use Blender, Meat Grinder Or Food Processor To Chop Up The Curd).
3 Egg Yolks
3 Egg Whites, Beaten Stiff
4 Tbsp Sugar
½ Tsp Vanilla
1 Tsp Grated Lemon Rind (optional)
¼ Cup Sour Cream (optional)

Beat Yolks & Sugar Until Bubbles Form, Add Vanilla & Lemon Rind, Mix In Cheese & Fold In Egg Whites. 

Fill Palacsinta Either As Roll-ups Or Folded Into Quarters.

Place In Oven-proof Serving Dish, Brush On Sour Cream If Desired & Bake At 350°f For 12 – 15 Minutes, Sprinkle With Icing Sugar And Serve.