A Question....

This is just a question, so mods don’t freak out…

I would like to know why the majority of recipes on this site do not cite source.

I for one try to give credit due where it is due; also sources are as valuable as the recipes themselves for the serious recipe collector and researcher.

If your mom, grandmom, uncle Ted, or readers Digest, etc. is where you found your recipe then say so, if it is your own creation give yourself credit. If you have made changes to a recipe and want to call it your own then cite the base recipe so those of us who study cooking can know where it originated.

So why arn’t there more sources cited here?

Siting the source of a recipe is welcomed but not required.

If anyone has the source of the recipe they’re posting, feel free to include it in your post. If you don’t have the source or don’t care to share it, that is fine also.