Abant Kebab Recipe

Abant Kebab Recipe


  1. 600 gr. lamb leg meat,
  2. 4 pieces of eggplant,
  3. 40 gr. coal oil,
  4. 1 onion,
  5. 4 gr. pepper powder,
  6. 50 gr. mushrooms,
  7. 4 gr. salt,
  8. Parsley and half bonds,
  9. 2 tomatoes,
  10. 25 gr. tomato paste,
  11. 4 green peppers,
  12. 40 gr. cheddar cheese,
  13. 200 gr. yoghurt,
  14. 1 cucumber,
  15. Half bonds dill.


Lamb minced meat are sauteed in a pan with oil, coal. Chopped onion, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes are added. Tomato paste, salt, thyme, black pepper and put water and cooked. Baked peeled eggplants on the grill. As of mid-belly slit open. Prepared is filled into the saute. Placed on the grated cheese. Six or seven minutes, baked in the oven 175 after she placed a platter. Have served with yoghurt.

Enjoy your meal.

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