adding paraffin wax to melt chocolate

I have read that the addition of paraffin wax to chocolate chips will facilitate the melting of the chips, enabling the melted chips to become smooth and liquified enough to dip easily. Does anyone know if this works, if it is safe, and if anything else works better? I have tried adding shortening, oil, and butter, but wonder if this works better. I saw Paula Deen, and others, use this on TV.

why is paraffin not safe anymore? i’ve always used it so has everyone in my family.

In researching paraffin I have found conflicting answers to the question of safety to ingest. Apparently, commercial candy makers use it when making molded chocolate, such as chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies. Paraffin in non digestible and passes through the body without leaving any residue.

I always thought that wax is added to chocolate to increase its melting point.
Years ago, if your store didn’t have airconditioning, you couldn’t stock Nestles chocolate bars during the summer. But you could stock Hershey’s, coz they wouldn’t melt. Hershey’s had more wax than Nestle’s. Ergo why Nestle’s always has a much creamier taste. Keep in mind, your unlit candles don’t melt if the room temp goes to 95Fplus, but your chocolate might.
When I asked my ex-wife, who did the candy orders for Kmart, she told me it was because of the difference in the amount of wax. I kinda figure shes right, coz that was just the sort of thing she was suppose to know about.