Adolph's/Lawrey's chicken marinade

My wife and I enjoyed the Adolph’s/Lawrey’s “Marinade in Minutes” chicken marinade, especially in the summer for the grill.

The chicken version was discontinued maybe two years ago, and we have been unable to find any anywhere. (The beef version is still available).

Is there a recipe, or a decent approximation, out there?

We favor less spicy flavors than are currently in vogue.

Thanx in advance for your help. / hk

I, too, miss using Adolph’s/Lawrey’s chicken marinade in minutes. It was a family favorite, and I just used my last packet to prepare chicken for my daughter’s wedding reception. Does anyone have a recipe that closely resembles the seasonings in this marinade? Like Harveykek, we would appreciate your help in recreating this recipe! Thanks!