Aguardiente* With Walnuts

This is a drink that requires macerating before 4 months until can be consuming. Obviously I do not recommend it if you’re thinking of preparing something quick, but I guarantee that if you have the patience to wait, the result is a delicious drink that will surprise all your guests.

You need:

20 green walnuts picked before they have fully matured

1 liter of white Aguardiente* (you can use white rum)

1 gr of grated nutmeg

1 clove

500 gr sugar

Crushed nuts and place in a glass bottle, sprayed with Aguardiente and allow to macerate for 2 months. After 2 months pass the preparation in a colander.

Bring back the liquor in the jar, add sugar, nutmeg and clove. Cover and let macerate for another 2 months, shaking occasionally.

If by this time the sugar has not dissolved completely prolongs the duration of the maceration.

When the liquor is ready, strain through a cloth.

  • Aguardiente is a type of liquor used in Colombia, it comes from fermentation of sugar cane, colored transparent as water, a high alcohol degree with a slight sweetness, this type of liquor is very common in Colombia and is consumed in almost throughout the country. In different regions of the country, there are several types of this liquor, in the eastern plains people of this region makes Aguardiente Llanero, in the coffee zone of Antioquia, Aguardiente Antioqueño is produced. Its flavor varies a little, but the ingredients happen to be the same.